Consolidating loans for the pensioner

Older people are not just older people. It is also often young people who for various reasons can not work and receive a pension. These are usually not high allowances, which are granted for the indicated period. So, can a person who has received a pension can consolidate loans?

Pension is granted for various reasons. You can receive it for total incapacity for work or partial inability to work, for example after an accident at work, in serious and chronic diseases. Annuities are currently granted mainly for a specified period of time – when the payment of the benefit is to be continued, the pensioner should appear at the medical commission in ZUS.

Not infrequently, disability pensioners are in a bad financial situation – pensions are low, and the possibility of making additional money is limited. That is why consolidated loans seems to be an attractive proposition in periods of higher spending.

Can a pensioner consolidate loan?

In principle, nothing prevents the pensioner from receiving a loan. It is worth noting that pensioners are often treated as well as pensioners’ eggs – a pension is a regular source of income, so the borrower can pay its debts precisely from this income.

After the loan for the pensioner we can go to the bank – in the bank we can get mainly cash loans that we can use for any purpose. The case will be more complicated when it comes to mortgages or car loans. In this case, the most often the pensioner is not eligible for crediting, unless he provides adequate security, a high own contribution. Banks approach such cases individually.

Also, the loan is available in non-bank loan companies. Then we can apply for payday loans, i.e. quick loans generally for one month, as well as installment loans, which we can spread out for several months or even several installments.

How to get a good loan consolidator for the pensioner?

First of all, we must choose a loan company or a bank in which we will apply for a loan. It’s worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with various offers, including costs and terms. Usually, information folders on accepted income sources can be found in loan information folders or on websites – if a pension is also disbursed, then we can submit our application.

The next step is submitting the application. Along with it, we must usually provide relevant documents, although this is not always necessary. In the case of smaller amounts of loans, it is enough to write out an appropriate statement in which we indicate the sources of income, its amount, our monthly costs. However, we must prepare ourselves for the institution to ask us to provide documents confirming our income – in this case it is usually a letter confirming the award of a pension in a given amount.

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