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Is Women’s Pro Wrestling Real or Fake?

Posted by admin On July - 26 - 2013

Everyone knows that the WWE is fake wrestling. It’s curious to wonder about women’s professional wrestling as well. With a close look at the type of action involved in women’s professional wrestling, it is also clear that it is fake. The chairs and baseball bats are made out of lighter materials than you would think. Even if one woman makes contact with the other, they know how to fall and react and in a way that minimizes physical injury. Professional wrestlers of both genders are trained to fall and act in a way that makes their moves look like they hurt, but they really don’t.

It’s easy to see why younger people might think wrestling is real when they watch it on television. How are they supposed to know that the people they see on the screen aren’t actually trying to hurt each other? The best way to avoid too many questions and accidents from kids is to avoid letting them watch wrestling in the first place. Many female professional wrestlers go on to star in the WWE, TNA, or other circuits where their talents are needed. They are paid as actors and that’s what they are. They even write scripts based on their abilities and talents.

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