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Current Favorites on the Pro Wrestling Scene

Posted by admin On March - 27 - 2013

Now that The Rock has returned to the WWE, he has easily become the most popular wrestler again. Even though he’s not allowed to do a lot of the things that he sued to, he still has the charismatic charm that drew in the fans all those years ago. He has the microphone skills and the wrestling talent that people remember. It’s still fun to see The Rock putting on a show. People cling to the nostalgia that he brings to the table, but he’s still relevant today to a new audience. The popularity of the WWE plummeted in recent years, but The Rock’s return has helped bring it back.

The Miz is another popular guy on the scene right now. He began hanging out with the legendary Ric Flair, and that has done wonders for his popularity. He has charisma on the same level that The Rock has. Although he wasn’t around during the Attitude Era, it’s quite likely that he could have fit in at that time. The Miz is a fascinating character with a lot of interesting wrestling maneuvers and catchphrases. He seems to be gaining even more attention with fans as the weeks go by. He’ll be a popular wrestler for a long time.

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