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What are the Rules and Regulations of Olympic Wrestling?

Posted by admin On August - 25 - 2012

The Olympics provide viewers with a variety of different sports to watch and be pulled into. Each sport comes with its own different set of rules and regulations. These rules may be different than the traditional rules that usually accompany the sport. Since in the Olympics the sport is played between different countries, the country’s own rules for the sport may be completely different. That is why a generic set of rules is enforced.

For example, wrestling has a fairly simple set of Olympic rules. The two different wrestling styles during the Olympics are freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling. These types of wrestling both have very similar rules, except for the exception of leg use during Greco-Roman. In this type of wrestling, the legs may not be used at all. Unlike Greco-Roman, freestyle wrestling allows the usage of both arms and legs during the competition. One fairly generic rule that accompanies both wrestling types is that the wrestler must be at least 17 years of age. Along with being the minimum age limit, they must also be officially sponsored by their country in order to participate. Each wrestling match involves wrestlers which are from the same weight division. Even being one pound off can ruin the match. This is why weigh-ins occur prior to the match.

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