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All About Different Styles of Wrestling

Posted by admin On August - 22 - 2012

Throughout the world there are various types and styles of wrestling. SOme are wildly dangerous while others are nothing more than entertainment. Regardless of type all wresting styles share the bond of trying to best the opponent. Here are a few of the wilder types of wrestling from around the globe.


Sumo wrestling is popular in Japan and sees gigantic men in diapers trying to push the other out of a circle. Betting is huge on these events and the athletes are highly respected.


Greco-Roman wrestling is considered the “grandfather” of modern wresting. A series of complex holds, take-downs and moves make it exciting to watch. This is one wrestling style that is also an Olympic event.


Eskimo wrestling is an event that dates back centuries and is a competitive event at the yearly Eskimo Olympics held in northern countries. Eskimo wrestling involves leg holds and leg moves designed to pin opponents.


Bkh, or Mongolian Wrestling, is a test of strength, strategy and endurance. This is popular throughout Mongolia and is considered one of the “Three Manly Skills” as was directed by Ghengis Khan. The history goes back to 7000 BC, the Neolithic Age. Competitors try to hold, grapple and take down the other.

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