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Is Pro Wrestling Real or Fake?

Posted by admin On August - 19 - 2012

One question that is hotly debated when the subject of pro wrestling is brought up, is whether it is fake or not. Both sides of the debate are right in some ways and, wrong in others. The outcomes of the matches are almost always per-determined and some of the moves the guys do are fake. On the other hand, they do get slammed around the ring and do suffer some nasty injuries.

Most of the wrestlers mask their punches and kicks with good ring and opponent positioning. What might look like a fist to many of us is actually a slap or a complete miss. Sometimes the punches are thrown with the target being the persons other hand, further protecting their opponent from any real hits.

The body slams and flying off the top ropes is another story. While the ring may be padded the people throwing them around are strong and if they do not know how to fall or a move is botched, they can easily get hurt.

All in all pro wrestling is a combination of both fake and reality. It is for entertainment and should be watched as such to get full enjoyment out of it.

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