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Archive for August, 2012

Top Ten Pro Wrestlers of all Time

Posted by admin On August - 26 - 2012

Wrestling is watched by millions of people and they all have their personal favorite. Some top favorites include a 16 time World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan who was a 12-time world champion ans was the longest reigning of the 1980s. Wrestling fans can’t forget the greatest wrestler from the 20th century Lou Thesz or the Italian wrestler, known for the longest-running champion of the World Wide Wrestling Federation, among other accomplishments. Three wrestlers named George are included in the top ten Pro Wrestlers Read the rest of this entry »

What are the Rules and Regulations of Olympic Wrestling?

Posted by admin On August - 25 - 2012

The Olympics provide viewers with a variety of different sports to watch and be pulled into. Each sport comes with its own different set of rules and regulations. These rules may be different than the traditional rules that usually accompany the sport. Since in the Olympics the sport is played between different countries, the country’s own rules for the sport may be completely different. That is why a generic set of rules is enforced.

For example, wrestling has a fairly simple set of Olympic rules. Read the rest of this entry »

All About Different Styles of Wrestling

Posted by admin On August - 22 - 2012

Throughout the world there are various types and styles of wrestling. SOme are wildly dangerous while others are nothing more than entertainment. Regardless of type all wresting styles share the bond of trying to best the opponent. Here are a few of the wilder types of wrestling from around the globe.


Sumo wrestling is popular in Japan and sees gigantic men in diapers trying to push the other out of a circle. Betting is huge on these events and the athletes are highly respected.


Greco-Roman wrestling Read the rest of this entry »

Exploring the Ancient Origins of Wrestling

Posted by admin On August - 20 - 2012

Mesopotamian cave drawings dated 3,000 B.C. depict figures grappling in wrestling holds; tombs in the Ancient Egyptian cemetery Beni Hassan are embellished with what appears to be tutorials on wrestling moves. This weaponless combat may be the oldest sport known to man.
Wrestling developed as a competitive sport in Ancient Greece, a civilization that prized physical fitness. Boys were educated in the sport and it was essential in their military training. Wrestling competitions were a featured event of the Ancient Greek Olympics, with matches held on the final days of the games as the ultimate competition.Read the rest of this entry »

Is Pro Wrestling Real or Fake?

Posted by admin On August - 19 - 2012

One question that is hotly debated when the subject of pro wrestling is brought up, is whether it is fake or not. Both sides of the debate are right in some ways and, wrong in others. The outcomes of the matches are almost always per-determined and some of the moves the guys do are fake. On the other hand, they do get slammed around the ring and do suffer some nasty injuries.

Most of the wrestlers mask their punches and kicks with good ring and opponent positioning. What might look like a fist to many of us is Read the rest of this entry »